The Battle Against Cancer-28(Afterword)


The toughest work while I was writing the book was to face the past reality one by one that I wanted to get rid of. And the work to recall and materializing the past reality was much difficult than I anticipated.

During this process, I have felt many times that I wanted to run away. But, without facing the cruel reality, I had not been able to materialize my book.

Further more, I was able to purify my mental part facing the cruel reality and writing the fact.

Without going through this process, I had not been able to make the new step forward. It was the path that I had to go through unavoidably.

First, I had started to write as a long will to my family. At the end, it became as a book.

A small but concrete confidence began to grow.

I once thought during my high school time that I wanted to study medicine in the university but I finally majored economics. I joined a Sougo-Shosha after I graduated from the university for 13 years. Thereafter, I became independent and ran my own companies form 21 and half years. Thus, my knowledge about the medicine is only a knowledge of a textbook.

Accordingly, the things that I am mentioning about the medicine in this book is actual experience of my own.

I really wish to express my appreciation to my attending doctor as well as other staffs concerned of the hospital.

However, I had experienced many things that the Japanese medication system has to change.

In Japan, we have an outstanding Universal healthcare system and we also have free choice of the medication we wish to take. But, yet there are many things that I thought needed to be improved or changed.

*The trend of the doctors not making any comments that involve risks.

* An attitude to value the data of the computer more than the communication with the patients.

*Blind faith towards the high technology. Lack of crisis management as well as medical error management etc.

A book written by Dale Carnegie(1888~1955), How to stop worrying and start living, that I have repeatedly read introduces the words of William Osler(1849~1919).

William Osler says that the doctors need to have deep interest and love towards the people. The doctors are not looking after an ill organs nor parts but ill people. Thus, unless having a deep interest and love toward the people, one can not become a clinician.

Medical circle of today reminds me the common attitude and the air of the Japanese society. Namely, “Gathering around only with the similar people not accepting the outsiders.”

The society can only get matured when the people are not only gathering around with the similar kind but also trying to accept the different kind.
Unless the Japanese society will exert its best endeavor to accept the different kind, the society will never grow to be a true citizen of the world.

The battle against cancer was extremely fierce and I was at the bottom so many times walking slowly in the dark tunnel not knowing the exit where I can see the light.

While fighting against the fear of possible metastasis, I had tried to re-construct the company in the best conceivable way. However, I thought that my curtain was going to be closed, thus decided to close my company in May 2010.

Without having the support of my wife, daughter and son, I would not be here today.

In our home, there was not a single dark atmosphere where you can likely see on TV when they show the documentary video of the family with cancer patients in the family.

I was occasionally very depressed, but as far as my family was concerned, they never believed that the cancer would metastasize.

Economically, my wife said

“Ryo, don’t worry. Just rest and I will earn money and support you economically.”

My children said

“Dad, thanks for bringing us up until now. It’s our time to return.”

Without the advise and suggestion of Dr.Hinohara, the chairman of the St.Luke International Hospital, saying that I should write a book to help the people who are losing the hope and also to give warning against the existing medical circle that is not facing sincerely towards the patients, this book had never been completed nor even started to write.

Dr.Ericsson(1902~1994), German-born U.S. psychoanalyst, says

“Human beings will grow towards the death.”

I would like to exert my every conceivable efforts and grow until the final curtain is closed.

Thank God. So grateful to everything and every one.

Janyay 21, 2010


Ryo Tokura

The series of The Battle Against Cancer was the record of my illness from Aug 1008 to Dec 2010.

However, there was an unexpected continuation in the battle. Namely, the metastasis of the cancer at the upper part lymph node of my left clavicle was found in last September and I was forced to get another three major treatments of the cancer.

Thus, new epilog was born in my battle.

The book that would be released in June describes my battle against cancer along with the life that I walked.

My final decision to release this book was to help the people who are suffering serious illness and losing the hope.

I would be more than happy if the people would think after reading the book and learning about my life

“Ok, I think I can overcome my difficult situation too. Ryo Tokura had fought and won the cruel battle. Why no me?”

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