The Battle Against Cancer-22(Closing the company)


The series of The Battle Against Cancer is the illness record from August 2008 until end of December 2010.

The following article is continued from March 10, The Battle Against Cancer-21

In the beginning of 2010, my physical conditions was getting worse and worse and occasionally, I was not able to get out of the bed.

Under such circumstances, in April of 2010, I came to a conclusion that I had to make the most painful decision in my life.

That was to close the company, the company which had been recognized as the leading company in the market.

The company has ended its life on May 10 after its 21years and 6 months history.

The main reason to close the company at that time was because it was the best timing to support and compensate the employee

Of course, there was a choice to continue the company by getting the support of the potential investors, as there was a lot of investors who were willing to make investment on our company.

However, my physical and mental conditions were at the bottom and I was no longer able to listen and believe the words of the doctors.

Further more, I was convinced that the cancer must have been metastasized to somewhere in my body and I would not live long as the suspicion of the metastasize was almost on the monthly basis at the periodical observation.

Under such circumstances, I judged that I was not able to receive the funds from the potential investors.

On May 10, 2010, I had made my last speech to the employee at the morning meeting.

Everyone was putting tears in their eyes. Some were crying very hard. I was shaking hands with each staff while enduring the tears.

I felt the powerlessness not being able to save the employee from the recession that was said to be the worst recession in the 100 years.

Everything was done for the retirement allowance as well as for the conceivable supports that could be extended within the legal protection.

However, I felt very sorry to the employee that I was not able to keep the promise to list the stock of the company at the stock market in 2013.

The battle against the cancer didn’t wait even while taking the necessary procedures for the liquidation of the company.

The periodical observation and the detailed examination of the possible metastasis of the cancer was taken place in parallel.

It took about two months to conclude the necessary procedure of the liquidation of the company.

Several staffs have come to the company every day on a non-payment basis to do the necessary work.

The law firm that was supporting our company for the legal matters had sent two lawyers and the accounting firm that was responsible in the accounting aspect had sent an accountant to help the necessary procedure.

Everything was kindly done on a good will basis.

I was very lucky that I had such a kind supports from everyone at the worst stage of my life.

When the necessary procedure was almost finished, I started to feel a big change in my physical conditions, i.e., I felt extreme dizziness when I tried to wake up and felt that the ceiling was moving around.

I was not able to wake up for three days and all I took during that period was juice.

At that time, I really thought I was going to die from starving.

The appetite didn’t return and I lost about 15 kilograms in three months.

The dizziness became stronger than ever before in addition to other physical symptoms.

I no longer spoke about my physical conditions to my attending doctor.

The reason was because I didn’t have anymore strength within my body to further explain what was going on and to take various examinations at the respective departments.

I didn’t have anymore physical and mental power left within my body.


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