The Battle Against Cancer-21(The Venture Capital)


The series of The Battle Against Cancer is the illness record from August 2008 until end of December 2010.

The following article is continued from March 3, The Battle Against Cancer-20.

The change of the attitude of the bank towards our company had made me make an important decision.

As long as we rely on the bank finance, the same thing could happen. Thus, I decided not to rely on the bank finance but to raise funds from the market to stabilize the foundation of the company.

As soon as the market knew about my intention, multiple venture capitals visited our company.

More or the less, they were saying the same thing

“Mr.Tokura, we are ready to invest one billion or two billion Yen at once. Can you prepare a business plan that could turn the profit around five billion Yen within about three year time?”

Our company was having a constant profit ever since the company has started.

I was feeling discomfort against the short term profit that the venture capitals were seeking.

I often said to the management of the venture capitals who were saying such things without deep consideration

“You say to turn the ordinary profit around 5billion Yen within 3 years but do you know what you mean to turn out profit at 5 billion Yen on the ordinary income basis?

We are not an IT company but a company procuring a huge amount of the products from the overseas suppliers, that requires huge money to procure the products.

We are aiming 10 billion dollars turnover and you are asking 5 billion dollars as an ordinary income.

I can imagine that certain company may have complied your request but an ordinary healthy company doesn’t seek easy money.

If you have a good advice that we could turn out profit at 5 billion Yen without doing rough business, we are very happy to learn.”

In most cases, they would be lost for an answer and the discussion would not proceed further.

Unlike an ordinary bank, the venture capitals need higher return on the investment as they are taking the risks.

However, during that period, venture capitals’ policy was extremely rough that they would justify themselves if they make a big profit out of one investment even if they fail another 90%.

Thus, I decided not to further discuss with the venture capitals but traveled around the nation to tried to seek potential private investors.

My voice didn’t come out properly due to the radiation therapy and as one of the Salivary glands was dissected in the surgery, my mouth got dried when I spoke and had to moisten the mouth every 5 mitunes.

It was physically extremely tough to make presentation nationwide under such a physical conditions.

However, my heart was very calm as a lot of potential investors had shown their willingness to invest to our company judging the positive future potentiality of our company.

I was in parallel taking the periodical observation at the Medical Oncology.

The periodical observation started in January 2009 and everything went smoothly in the first four months.

However, various incidents had started to show after four months.

The first indication was a strong dizziness that I had never experienced in the past followed by various accident of the body.

The appointment for the detailed examination was reserved at once by my attending doctor.

As my primary cancer was at the Oropharynx, the medical department in charge was Otorhinolaryngology.

However, as the suspicion of the metastasis extended to various parts of the body, it was not understood by the attending doctors, thus, he was making appointments for me at the respective departments that were specialized in the suspected parts.

He had done his best job to make various appointments when I told him about the accident of my body. That was the only thing he could do for me.

Moreover, the actual discussion never took place between my attending doctor and the doctors of the other departments but the communication was done mostly on the computers.

No department was responsible for my whole body but every department was just taking care of my respective parts of the body.

Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that I had visited almost every department other than Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics in two years but it was only an indivisual diagnosis by each medical depatment not overall diagnosis.

It is said that the doctors of Medical Oncology, the doctor of the department of the Primary Cancer and the doctor of the Psychiatry will for a team to treat the patient.

It sound quite natural to treat a cancer patient as the illness such as cancer is very complicated and the doctor who understands about the cancer of the whole body is indispensably required.

However, it is said that the number of the doctors specialized in Medical Oncology is only around 300.

Under such circumstances that no doctor is understanding about your whole body, it was very difficult to manage the business life in parallel.

The series of the things have gradually started to damage my body both physically and mentally.


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