The Battle Against Cancer-20(The Battle Against Bank-2)


The series of The Battle Against Cancer is the illness record from August 2008 until end of December 2010.

The following article is continued from Feb 25, The Battle Against Cancer-19.

The bank that has supported me since I started my company has become a mega-bank as the result of the merger.

It was reported that the merger was 50:50, merger of equals but it was actually led by the partner bank.

The power relationship within the new bank was also gradually changed.

The people who were supporting our company had gradually faded away from the surface.

Three persons in charge and two division managers had moved within a year in the personnel change and the influence of the old bank had become weaker and weaker.

The key posts were beginning to be occupied by the people of the partner bank.

And the attitude towards our company had started to change.

Our company’s major clients were the huge retailers before we successfully enter into the internet shopping business.

The demand of the major huge retailers become further demanding as the business volume increased.

The huge retailers with whom we had big business demand us to keep the stock for them, not allowing us to sell to the others.

However, they would not be responsible to take the products even though the products were not sold during the promised stocked period.

On the other hand, they would charge us a penalty if we do not keep the sufficient stock during the promised period.

The relationship between the major retailers and the suppliers are based on a distorted relationship.

The retailers are having their shops in the first class location, however, they would not take any kind of risk on business.

They would exhibit our products but they would never stock the products and just place orders when the customers are actually buying the products.

The so called “Sales on the consignment basis” is a typical old traditional Japanese business style that is favorable to the retailers.

Accordingly, every risk, i.e., design and production risks, import risk including the currency exchange risk, stocking risk and sales risk was taken by our company.

Yet, they demanded us to keep the stock that was around 30% more than they could actually sell.

They would demand us everything based on the convenience of their own as they are not taking any risk.

Thus, in spite of being able to sell via other routes, we were obliged to keep the stock for the respective huge retailers.

This business style could only be justified if the retailers would be responsible in taking care of the promised stock we kept for them.

However, if they would not take care of the stock after the promised period of keeping the stock is over and if the stock remains, the stock would be deemed as an excess stock on the books.

More you deal with the huge retailers, more you are obliged to keep the stock.

The bank had regarded those stock as a dead stock.

The people of the department in charge of the old bank had really understood the situation and knew they were not dead stock.

The people of the new banks should have naturally known about this matter as well.

However, they could make any reason out of the stock recorded on the balance sheet.

The definition of the dead stock is actually the stock that you are not able to sell.

In our case, the products were merely stocked based on the demand of the retailers in spite of being able to sell if we wanted to sell via other routes.

But the bank was able to make any excuse from the number of the stock on the balance sheet.

I presume that the bank had made their own research on my health and judged that I would not live long.

Thus, they have insisted on our number of stock on the balance sheep to make up the “Just cause”

And based on that reason, they have theoretically armed to change the policy of the finance towards our company.

I went to the bank immediately for the negotiation.

I got out of the hospital on Dec 28, 2008 but had already visited the bank on the first working day of 2009.

I was not able to talk properly as my voice didn’t come out properly due the influence of the radiation therapy.

Yet, I had to express my regret against the bank for the change of the policy towards our company and ask them to change their policy.

It was the time when I was still instructed to stay quietly and calmly at home by my main doctor.

However, there was not time to rest for me to battle against the bank for the future of my company.


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