The Battle Against Cancer-19(The Battle Against Bank)


The series of The Battle Against Cancer is the illness record from August 2008 until end of December 2010.

The following article is continued from Feb 18, The Battle Against Cancer-18.

After I got out of the hospital in December 2008, I had to face with the economic crisis that was said to be the crisis once in one hundred years while taking the periodical observation.

During my stay in the hospital, I had been reported by the General Manager of the financial division of the company that the stance of the bank against our company had changed.

But I merely thought that the bank was getting careful due to the effects that have been started to spread after the Lehman shock initiated by the sub-prime loan issue.

The reason was very simple.

The relationship between our company and the main bank was perfect from the initial stage of the company.

I had been told by the successive directors and the branch managers of the bank that they would prepare the necessary funds as much as we need, thus, concentrate in spreading my concept towards the consumer market.

The bank always prepared sufficient funds for us to create new products as well as for the market strategy.

We were told to deem the bank as our financial division.

As time went by, the movement of the merger of the banks to become so called mega-bank became active and our main bank had also merged with other major bank.

In spite of such movement and the merger with other bank, the relationship between our company and the newly born mega-bank was very smooth that was supported by the good performance of our company.

However, the stance of the bank against our company was gradually changing due to the drop of our sales towards the retailers affected by the economic crisis and also my long-term hospitalization.

It was officially announced that the merge between our main bank and the other major bank was merger of equals. However, it was lead by the other major bank truthfully.

It was also a negative factor that the mainstream of our main bank had gradually faded away in the new organization and the members of the other major bank became on the surface as the mainstream.

In any case, I was able to confirm by myself that the stance of the bank concerning the financing policy towards our company had changed.

Thus, I had been on the move on the daily basis to develop relationship with other bank as well as to seek developing non-bank financing.

These series of the activities took place during the period when I had been still strictly told by my main doctor to rest quietly and calmly at home.

The sales of our company towards the retailers and the sales through our own internet web site was about fifty-fifty at the time.

The sales towards the retailers was decreasing but the sales through the internet web site as enormously increasing, which was covering the sales decrease of the retailer business.

However, we were investing huge money towards internet web site constructing costs that exceeded USD 12 million dollars bank loans in addition to the own finance.

As we had made a good investment to for the construction of the innovative internet web site, our turnover had increased significantly.

Along with it, we needed to supply far exceeding products to the newly created market.

We were rapidly growing as the result of supplying new and wide range of the products to the newly created market.

The company was planning to publish the stock in 2013.

However, if we didn’t have the products to supply into the newly created market, the future will be dwindle.

Under such circumstances, the bank was changing its financing policy towards our company.

It was beyond the imagination to be betrayed by the main bank that you trusted for more than 20 years while being suspected of the metastasize of the cancer in the various parts of the body on the monthly basis.

I was fighting against the fear of the metastasize of the cancer as well as against the fear of the future of the company in case we were not able to obtain the necessary funds.

After what I had gone through with the relationship with the bank, I was really thinking about the risks of dealing with single source to obtain the necessary funds.

Thus, in order to make the platform of the company more concrete in the financial terms, I had decided to raise funds from the potential investors and traveled the nation to explain about our concept.

As the result, many potential investors had expressed their willingness to invest towards our company and we were able to see the bright light at the end of tunnels to secure the necessary funds.

However, the sense of relief was just an instant.

My body, both physically and mentally was totally damaged as the result of over one year battle against the bank.


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