The Battle Against Cancer-16(Lack of communication)


The series of The Battle Against Cancer is the illness record from August 2008 until end of December 2010.

The following article is continued from Jan 25, The Battle Against Cancer-15.

It was indeed very strange that there was rare communication between the departments concerned within the hospital.

This tendency has robust similarity of the tendency with the ordinary Japanese society that I am emphasizing in my book. Namely

“The tendency to gather among the same group but being cold or unfriendly to the people outside of the group.

There are a lot of medical terminology that are difficult for the ordinary people to understand.

When I was getting the medical xamination at the other departments, I had requested several times to the doctors concerned to ask directly about the part of professional to my main doctor.

However I was most of the time told

“No problem. I can look at it on the computer.”

In addition, in spite of not having exact information about my conditions, doctor said

“Ok, why don’ t we have a tentative check.”

“What do you not understand? What do you mean by the tentative check?”

I asked. The doctor replied

“Please don’t worry. I can understand most of the things roughly.”

The doctor must have talked just in his ordinary way of talking to the patients on the daily basis, but when he is making the examination to the cancer patient saying

“I understand roughly.”

How would the patient feel?

I have in many occasion felt that the most doctors are putting more emphasize in looking at the computer data rather than having a direct talk among the doctors concerned.

Sometimes, there were mistakes in the computer data, i.e., mistakenly input by the other doctor and I had to correct the istakes within my knowledge.

Even in such case, I have never seen a doctor making direct confirmation on the phone to the doctor who had mistakenly input the data.

By seeing the reality, I was always thinking

“Darn! What would it happen if I am not in an ordinary conditions and were not able to explain on my own?” “You can not become ill unless you are clear in you mind.”

I am putting a very high priority in the dialogue between the people.

In my company, there was a case from time to time that certain staff was not verbally making the explanation but making the explanation over the email although every staff concerned was in the same room.

If it was too much noticeable, I had directly instructed to put first priority in making the reports directly on the verbal basis followed by the written reports.

But it seems very seldom that the doctors were communicating face to face or verbally over the phone in the large hospitals.

Every doctor seemed to value the data in the computer as the most important data.

It is more than definite that the direct talk between the doctors are much more important!!!

However, there must be a tendency within the medical world as well that doctors tend to avoid the face to face meetings.

Or is it a distortion of the sectionalism?

Even if the doctor is not convinced about the data in the computer, the doctor would ask the patient in stead of asking the doctor who had input the data.

I was occasionally puzzled when I was asked questions as I did not have exact knowledge what was written in the data.

Moreover, the anxiety of thinking that you are not correctly understood by the doctors concerned had increased more and more.

In the medical world in which doctors are supposed to be responsible toward the human life, and if the human body is deemed as one not part by part, such a fence between the departments could not and should not exist from the beginning!!!

But in reality, the world of medicine was like an old novel I had read named “White big Castle.”


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