The Battle Against Cancer-15(The cancer patient and the Depression)


The series of The Battle Against Cancer is the illness record from August 2008 until end of December 2010.

It is said statistically that 30 percent of the cancer patients are also suffering Depression.

Frightened state of mind suferring cancer and “depression” may seem indistinguishable ocassionally.

If including the number of the reserved depressed people, the number would be increased by far.

I have asked my friend who is specialized in Psychosomatic Medicine whether I was suffering Depression.

He said that I was in a depressed state but not Depression as an illness.

However, when the metastasize was repeatedly suspected every month and when I was depressed as well as sleepless, Tranquilizers and sleeping pills were prescribed.

So, I could have been counted as the reserve of Depression.

I was lucky that I had a Psychosomatic Medicine doctor as a friend despite not specialized in Cancer.

It is really wondered whether the doctors are really understanding the “sleepless anxiety” that the patients are suffering.

In spite of getting consultation of the Psychosomatic Medicine doctor every month, I was thinking and feeling about the death when the metastasize was suspected almost every month.

I was fortunate that I had been able to hang in.

However, when the anxiety was further getting increased, it was not hard to imagine what would be waiting as the result.

Not only the doctors but also the people who are engaged in the medical field should pay stronger attention towards the people who are committing suicide suffering serious illness.

When one is mentally forced by the serious illness, the heart of the patient is fragile as a glass sculpture.

The doctors have to strongly realize in order not to lose the hope of the patient, that the “last bond connecting life and death” is depended on the words of doctors.

The wife of the previous Swedish Ambassador to Japan who learned about my illness called me and said that I should come to Sweden to get treatment at the hospital of Karolinska Institute

Karolinska University Hospital is the place to determine the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

I was told that if I get treatment at Karolinska Institutes, the medical team consist of medical oncologist as well as the specialist of the cancer in the certain body part and the psychiatrist who takes care of mental health will do the treatment.

It was indeed a kind offer but I had not been able to leave Japan taking into consideration the various matters surrounding me.

I was also informed that the Pharmacist is also taking an important role within the medical team deciding the medicine that is going to be used.

The relation between the doctor and the patient is not equal but it is also the same with the relation between the doctor and the pharmacist.

And the pharmacist seems to be also concentrating in just not making any mistake for the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

In my case, I had never talked directly with the pharmacist within the hospital when the doctor was deciding about the surgery and/or treatments.

The amount of medicine was considerable amount as I was visiting multiple departments within the hospital.

So, from time to time the doctors were looking at the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia when they were prescring the medicine.

That didn’t look very nice from the patient’s side but in spite of doing so, I was occasionally told by the staff of the dispensing pharmacy that the prescribed medicine seemed wrong.

I had requested to change the medicine if it was wrong but I was told that it was not possible to do so based on the discretion of the staff of the pharmacy.

Thus, it was not only once or twice that the staff of the pharmacy had called the doctors to confirm about the medicine.

As the result, the opinion of the staff of the pharmacy was 100 percent correct.

“What has happened if it were not noticed by the staff of the pharmacy?”

I repeatedly thought so.

Occasionally, it is reported on the news about the serious malpractice using wrong medicine etc.

However, the measures to prevent accidents is not set up carefully enough between the hospital and the pharmacy.

It will be only known by the ordinary people when the serious accident would occur.

I was always thinking about the abnormal hierarchical relationship between the hospital and the pharmacy.

One day I thought my question was solved.

The multiple pharmacies were surrounding the hospitals, thus if you entered into a bad relation with the doctors, it will be difficult to continue the work.

It was exactly the same relationship between the big retailers and the suppliers.

Everyone makes mistake. And the most important thing is how to check the mistake.

The earliest measure to prevent the mistake should be taken between the hospital and the pharmacy.


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