The Battle Against Cancer-14(physical and mental treatment)


I would kike to emphasize without prejudice that the current medical system in Japan is a system to

“Look human body not as a whole but as respective parts and each medical department is also a specialized in looking after the individual body part.”

However, there were a few doctors, not much though, who really cared about the uneasy feelings of the patients and wanted to introduce suitable department.

Most gave me an impression that they didn’t care about the matters that had nothing to do within their territory.

There was also not only one or two who rarely looked at you but just stared into the data base of the computer.

The patient tends to feel

“What is the real medication or medical treatment?”

“Don’t these guys care that a patient with soul and heart is in front of them and suffering from the pain?”

“Why not understanding that the body of the patient is a delicate combination of physical and mental factors?.”

It is certain that it is much more important to face and have conversation with the patients in stead of just staring into the computer data base.

But this basic matter is getting neglected in the field of clinical.

The doctors have to realize that the attitude of the doctors would determine the mental health of the patients.

If the patient could feel that the doctor is looking at him as a human not as a part, the patient would feel very easy just by such a stance of the doctor.

The most clinics are not available in making the appointments in advance but running a system that the patients must visit the clinic during the hours in practice.

Even the starting hour of the practice is from 9:00AM, if you go at 9:00, you are already in 2-3 hours waiting list if you are unlucky.

As for the physical check, a lot of time was spent for the check of metastasize and recurrence of the cancer. But I was always feeling uneasy as anxiety of not completely being understood by the doctors had made me feel more uneasy.

Furthermore, the biggest fear of the cancer patients is the imagination or suspicion of metastasize and recurrence.

The understanding to the doctors towards the mental fear of the patients on metastasizes and recurrence is also lacking.

I had never been offered about the mental care from the hospital side.

In my case, metastasize was suspected almost every month at the time of monthly observation and detailed check was made each time from the scratch basis.

I was gradually mentally getting depressed.

And as time went by, I became sleepless and when the periodical observation day was getting close, I was thinking

“To which part of my body will the metastasize of the cancer be suspected this time?”

The fear became bigger and bigger and my mental condition went down to the bottom.

However, there was no offer to take care of my mental treatment.

The stance to approach the patient from the mental aspect is indispensably important but such step was not taken at all.

The most important stance is to realize that the physical aspect and the mental aspect could not be divided.

I happened to have a friend who is the doctor of Psychosomatic Medicine and he took care of my mental part on a private basis.

It is without doubt that physical and mental aspects can not be split and the treatment of both aspects should be conducted in parallel.

However, current Japanese medication system tends to split the physical part and the mental part.

The fact is the number of the doctors who are specialized in Mental Oncology is around 300 doctors in whole Japan.

Although my friend was not specialized in taking care of the mental treatment of the cancer patient, he helped me a lot and I must say I was very lucky to have a friend like him.

However, there were also certain points that he was not able to support as he was not specialist to take care of cancer patients.

Isn’t it basic philosophy of the medicine that the body and mind is inextricably linked?

It is indispensable to enhance the mental treatment as surgical therapy and treatment in case of the illness like the cancer.


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