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The large hospitals are looking after the patients who need surgery and serious treatments whereas the clinics are taking care of the patients who are not in such segments.

The system seems very practical in terms of efficiency if the illness was a simple illness.

However, this system becomes very inefficient if the illness is very serious and complicated illness as Cancer that may involve multiple departments of the medicine.

The existing system allows the large hospital to transfer the after care of the patients to the local clinics if the metastasis is not found at the periodical observation, of which system is intended to be more beneficial for the hospitals than for the patients.

The people who are engaged in the medicine should pay much more closed attention to the existing system which forces the patients to bear the burden.

The patients are basically suffering not only from the physical pain but also from the serious mental pain being deeply depressed.

Under such mental conditions, it is very natural for the patients to wish that there should be at least one department within the hospital that will be responsible for your whole body.

When the anxiety increases, one tends to feel that certain change or affect is occurring within one’s body.

Even with the slightest change of your body conditions, you tend to overreact. On the contrary, I have experienced several times that the symptom could cease if you are relaxed and/or healed.

I have been emphasizing about this matter repeatedly until now but I will further stress about the importance of the matter.

In order not to be misunderstood, I am not saying that one department, that is specialized in certain part of the body, should be responsible for the whole body.

I am emphasizing the importance of the need of a department that could look after and could be responsible for the whole body of the patients.

Unless having such department, the patient would be forced to be responsible for the own body.

It is almost true that based on existing system, the after care of the patient is no longer linked to the original department of the hospital when the patient is sent to the local clinics as the data will no longer be provided from the clinic.

Such being the case, more you visit local clinics more the anxiety will increase thinking

“Who is going to be responsible for my whole body?”

I will explain a practical example when I had a sharp and strong pain in my back as well as in my shoulder.

The metastasis was suspected and I was first sent to the department of Orthopedics within the hospital.

Fortunately, the metastisis was not found and I was requested to take the after care treatment at the local clinic.

I got an ordinary check when I first visited but as I did not have time to re-visit due to my tight schedule, the second visit was about one month after the first visit.

The first thing doctor said after he looked at me was

“Oh. Are you the patient who visited previously because of the frozen shoulder?”

I know the doctor can not remember everything looking after so many patients on the daily basis but it is also not very pleasant from the patient’s side if the doctor was mixing up the cancer with frozen shoulder.

I said

“No! I visited last time because I had been introduced by Y hospital to take the after care treatment in this clinic.”

The doctor was puzzled for a second and looked into the medical chart at once and said

“Yes, yes. How is your conditions thereafter?”

“I still have pain in my back and the shoulder.”

“Well. The diagnosis of the Y hospital is saying that there isn’t any metastasis in the bone. Thus, please further take the treatments to warm up the parts in subject in the separate treatment room. I will also prescribe fomentation and medicine.

The doctor is totally starting his diagnosis on the assumption that there is no metastasis of the cancer. He didn’t have slightest concern over the fear or the anxiety I was having against the possibility of the metastasis.

In this case as well, the doctor should have said not because that Y hospital is saying that there is no metastasis but should have said based on his diagnosis that he didn’t think that there was a possibility of metastasis.

This single responsible comment of the doctor would ease the pain of the patient dramatically.

The conditions didn’t improve at all in spite of taking the treatment to warm up the specific body parts.

I visited the therapist of the Chiropractic who was taking care of my body for over 25 years to release my pain.

Even in the Y hospital, there is no department that is responsible for the whole body of the patient.

Each body part is taken care by the department that is specialized in such body part. Thereafter, the follow up is done by the local clinics.

Under such conditions, the main doctor will only know about the updated conditions of my body parts other than his profession by asking me.


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