The Battle Against Cancer-12(The reality of the current Japanesese Medical System)


However, the things had totally changed as time went by and when the metastasis of the cancer was starting to be suspected every month at the observation involving multiple departments of the hospital.

A big sense of suspicion had started to occur within my mind.

Namely, I felt strongly that the each department was not looking the patient’ body as a whole but looking the body fragmenting into parts.

I want to be very clear how this system is making the patient suffer from my two years experience.

I must say, that it is not exaggeration that I had visited almost every department except the departments of Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

After the metastasis was suspected, I had gone through the detailed examination of brain, lung, stomach, intestine, prostate, marrow, heart etc. but not limited to.

I will explain practically how I went through those days.

One day, I felt strong pain in my chest and felt difficult to breath.

When the fact was informed then the doctor, the appointment with the department of the Respiratory medicine would be reserved by the main doctor.

When you visit the Respiratory medicine department on the reserved day, the detailed examination such as chest x-ray etc. will be conducted to examine whether there is metastasis of the cancer or not.

It will further a few weeks to get the result of the examination.

When there is fortunately no metastasis of the cancer found, the data will be input into the computer as common information.

However, when the cancer is not found, the doctor will ask the follow up examination to be taken at the clinic where the medical d department is having connection with.

The after care observation will take place at such clinic.

Before the Oropharynx cancer metastasized to left neck lymph node was found, I had been told in a clinic that it was merely bleeding of the inside neck muscle.

Thus, I was getting very nervous from the slightest change of my physical conditions.

Even when I just coughed, feeling a bit difficult to breath, having an awkward felting in my lung, I suspected

“The cancer might have metastasized.”

This fear was continuously bothering me.

And I had not been able to clear the feeling that the diagnosis of the Respiratory medicine department of the Y hospital might have been misdiagnosised.

But the clinic introduced by the Y hospital is checking me based on the diagnosis that the “Cancer is not metastasized.”

Thus, in spite of asking the doctor of the clinic?

“Would you please check me again in detail as it could have been misdiagnosised at the Respiratory medicine department of the Y hospital.”

He would just say

“I am told that the cancer is not metastasized to your lung. I addition, we do not have a facility to do a detailed examination. Thus, if you want to have yourself check again, please ask the Y hospital.”

His word didn’t have a slightest understanding towards the patient who were suffering and fearing from the shadow of the metastasis of the cancer.

In addition I was not able to feel a single word of humanity from this doctor.

In my case, before the Y hospital found my cancer, the diagnosis of the clinic I went was just a “bleeding of my muscle.”

So, the mind that there could always be a possibility of misdiagnosis was never cleared from my mind.

Maybe I was a bit too nervous about the every change of my physical conditions.

However, I suppose that more or the less, the patients who are suffering and fearing from the shadow of the metastasis of the cancer tend to react like that.

And one of the biggest jobs of the doctor is to support the feelings of the patients whose mental conditions are becoming weaker.

When I had terrible pain in my back, the introduction within the Y hospital was made at the department of the Orthopedics to check whether there was metastasis to my bones and the detailed examination had started from the beginning.

Simultaneously, one will have a painful time until you get the official explanation from the doctor about the result.

And when the result of the detailed check is concluded that there is not metastasis of the cancer, then in spite of having this terrible pain in your back remained, you are asked to have the follow up check at the clinic introduced by the doctor of the Orthopedists department.

My main doctor who had originally introduced me to the various departments of the Y hospital, can only check in his computer about the result of the examination of the individual department within Y hospital, but would not have a slightest information how thing will be followed at the respective local clinics.

I my case, the metastasis was suspected almost every month at the observation, after about three month since the observation had started.

And every time almost identically, the detailed examination had started from the beginning at each department, and when there was no metastasis, the introduction had been made to the respective local clinics.

This system may be very efficient system if the illness was a simple illness. But not efficient at all for the illness like cancer where various departments must involve.

It is not only insufficient for the medical system itself but extraordinarily torturing the patients both physically and mentally.

As things were repeatedly conducted every month, I had insisted to my main doctor

“It’s very happy news that the metastasis of the cancer is not found as the result of the detailed examination.

However, I don’t really think that the system to transfer the check to the local clinic is very sufficient as what could the doctor of the local clinic do for the various physical feelings that I am actually having, if the doctor of the Y hospital can not find the reason.

Namely, I am transferred to the local clinic for the follow up check only due to the reason that the cancer was not metastasized but I am actually having various awkward feelings in my body.”

The main doctor said

“Mr.Tokura, I clearly understand what you are insisting but the instruction of the Ministry is that the role of the large hospital is to look after the patients who need the surgery and/or the complicated treatments but not for an ordinary examination.

I had told the same matter to other doctors as well but the reply I received was more or the less the same.


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