The Battle Against Cancer-9(I am back!)


Dear Friends,

I am very happy to announce herewith that I will recommence writing my blog about The Battle Against Cancer from today again in English.

As I have told to those who asked me about my conditions, I had to take the surgery, as well as the combination treatments of the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy in 8 weeks due to the metastasized cancer at the lymph node at the upper left side of the collarbone.

As for the past blogs about The Battle Against Cancer, you can to and click Blog in English.

Best Regards,

Ryo Tokura

In the morning of Dec 15, 2008, the time has come to decide my future fate.

I had to take the surgery to remove the small cancer cell at the lymph node of my left neck that was not ceased as the result of the combination treatments of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy that I had taken for two months.

After everything was prepared for the surgery in my room, I had written a short note in my email to the staffs of my company saying

“Please cooperate each other and try to do your best!”

The message was sent before I left my room for the surgery room. I had taken this action taking into consideration the worst case.

I also told my wife who came to visit me from the early morning

“I will definitely be back!”

But also said to my wife before entering the surgery room, seeing my wife waving at me

“Tank you!”

I must have said so as I must have had the feelings that I will not be back again and to express my gratitude to my wife to whom I was not able to be the best husband for the long years.

I was still on the bed of the surgery room when I woke up. But, I was still half conscious and was not able to tell whether it was a dream or reality. I was able to feel that something thick cloth was wrapped around my neck. I was told by the doctor

“The surgery was successfully done.”

Thus, I was able to gradually realize that I came back to the real world.

However, it was not until my wife had run at me, lying on the stretcher and coming out from the surgery room and said

“Welcome back. Well done!”

When I heard my wife saying so, I actually realized that the surgery was successfully done.

The first thing I requested to my wife after coming back to the room was to take a picture of me by the cell phone. I forced my self to smile and requested my wife to add a message saying

“I am back!”

The staffs had deep concern as I was forced to be back to the hospital again for the surgery right after I had come out from the hospital taking treatments for three months. That was the main reason to ask my wife to take the picture and send my message together to let them know that I was back to the real world.

Respective staffs had sent me messages saying

“Congratulations”, “Welcome back Mr.Tokura.” etc.

But it was only after I woke up from a short sleep that I had read the congratulations messages from them.

I woke up coming out from under the anesthetic. My wife was still at my bed side preparing for going back home.

I had asked my wife to call the nurse to give me the pain killer pills since the pain was so terribly bad. The pain spread to my eyes and to the back side of my head and I had to fight against the pain for the whole night.

What had made me feel easy was the each message from the staffs. I was not able to use my left arm at all but as my right arm was usable, I had picked up my cell phone by the bed reading the messages.

Although the surgery was successfully finished, I had not been able to move for a few days and was just staring at the ceiling of my room. The strong pain faded away over the night but I had suffered from the throbbing pain for a few days spreading gradually to the neck as well to the throat, teeth and the back side of my head.

I tried to lift my left arm next day as I had been told by the doctor that there was a possibility that I would not be able to lift my left arm above the left shoulder for the rest of my life. I had strong concern about that but I was not able to confirm as the ruin of the surgery hurt badly when I tried to move my left arm.

After a few days, I was able to confirm that I was able to lift my left arm about 10 cm above the left shoulder but not more as the pain was very strong when I tried to lift my left arm.


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