The Battle Against Cancer-8(The Second Opinion)


It was just a short period that I went back home and stayed, as I had to go back to the hospital for the coming surgery.

The surgery was going to be performed under general anesthesia and it was going to take several hours. The area of the surgery was very wide. Cutting vertically from the point under left ear for about 30cm and further cut horizontally from the middle part of the left side neck to the point under the chin.

That was the explanation I got from the doctor.

I felt very uneasy and suspicious as I didn’t understand why they were going to take whole lymph node when there were only a small quantity of cancer cell.

The doctor further explained that the cancer cell that was found might be dead cancer cell from the result of the combination treatment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, if the cancer cell was alive, even if the cancer cell was small quantity, they had to take off the whole lymph node.

In spite of very detailed and sincere explanation, I still was thinking that the reality might be more serious than what the doctor was explaining. However, I did not have any other choice than believing his words and rely on my fate to God.

It is quite often said that you should get the Second Opinion from the other medical institutes and doctors for the necessary treatment to take.

It is very correct as a general theory. But just as a general theory.

When the case is very serious, It is not so easy to get the Second Opinion or the Third Opinion so easy. This was what I learned from my experience.

When you are told that the cancer was in level 4 and you only have limited treatments that can take, do you think you really have room or allowance in you mind to think about visiting other medical institutes for asking the Second or Third Opinion?

In my case, I would definitely have gone for the Second Opinion if my level of cancer was in an early stage.

However, what would have I thought and done if I had been told different opinion from the doctor of the other institute asking for the Second Opinion.

I am quite sure that in such case, I would have been in a panic condition and would not have had any idea what to do.

As for the Second Opinion, every hospital recommends to get the Second Opinion if the patient is not convinced by the explanation received.

However, it is not as easy as it is commonly said.

I am now frequently asked about my opinion about the Second Opinion, but I try to advise carefully depending on the situation.


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