The Battle Against Cancer-7(Rehospitalization)


It was Saturday I got out of the hospital, so I went to the office from Monday morning.

However, I was hardly able to speak as my voice was not coming out, I had to communicate with my staff by writing.

The staff paid closest attention to me so that I didn’t have to speak.

The offices were located in three different location at that time.

I was communicating with the staff of the headquarters by writing and using gesture as I hardly was able to speak, and communicating with the staff of the other offices mainly by emails.

However, in the periodical medical check in November, I was told by the doctor that certain suspicious cell remained in the left neck lymph node was found as the result of the echo test.

“What !? What do you mean? Didn’t you let me go out of the hospital because both cancers in Oropharynx and Lymph Node disappeared?

The doctor said

“Well. I can’t be certain until I check the actual cell.”

The detailed examination of the suspicious cell was done immediately, and as the result, it was confirmed that small amount of cancer cell that did not ceased as the result of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy was found.

The doctor commented

“It could be the dead cancer cell as the result of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. But if it is a living cancer cell, it will start to grow as times go by.

He further said

“We can wait and see for a while to check whether the cancer cell is alive or dead. But as I said, if it is alive cell, it will grow. As we have conducted the radiation therapy to the maximum level that human body could bear, the only way is to do the surgery to take out the left side lymph node.”


While I was having no word to answer, the doctor said

“I will take utmost care of the details and do my best, but as the nerves are concentrated in the place, please well understand about the possibility as the result of surgery that you would not be able to lift up your left arm above your shoulder.

My hear started to beat very fast and thought

“Why is the cancer cell still remaining? I was supposed to be discharged from the hospital because the cancer cell disappeared.”

I was stunned and the ability to think in my head stopped

“Yes, doctor. Please do the surgery.”

That was the only thing that I was able to say.

Various things came across my mind and thought

“With this surgery, I will be taking all the three major treatments of the cancer, namely chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.”

After I got back home, the ability to think gradually came back as I became calm and various doubt and anxiety started to arouse. I was start thinking

“The doctor has permitted me to discharge from the hospital since both cancers disappeared.” “Yet, why was the cancer cell in my left neck lymph node remained.” “Why do they have to take out the whole lymph node of my left side of the neck?”

And the biggest anxiety was to suspect

“Isn’t doctor hiding something to me!”


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