The Battle Against Cancer-6 (Recuperation Period )


The first period of the radiation therapy ended after three weeks. One week recuperation period was set before the second period of the radiation therapy started.

I had been explained that as the affect against the body was so strong, it was not possible to continue the radiation therapy without having this rest period.

The radiation therapy was making the total body exhausted much more than I had been explained in advance. Accordingly, although my original plan was to go to the office during this period, the chief doctor had instructed me to stay quiet and try to recover as much as possible from the damage of the treatment.

However, I had asked the staffs to come to the hospital during this period and had daily meetings at the conversation room in the hospital, getting the reports from the respective staffs and giving various instructions.

I was told by my fellow patients

“You look like having a conference in the company.”

But as my voice was fading away due to the effect of the radiation treatment, it became very difficult to verbally make instruction. I had to wright down the questions and instructions. So, the required time of the meetings became longer day after day.

Since I became very exhausted after the latter half of the week, I was instructed by the doctor to make the time of the meetings shorter, as the principle of the recuperation period was to make the body recover.

During the recuperation period, I felt that the burning conditions of my mouth and throat became slightly eased, but it went back to the same painful conditions when the second period of the radiation therapy started.

The same hospital life started, asking the nurse for a chunk of ice cube and for the refrigerant to cool the surface skin of the neck. Also taking the painkillers and using the throat gargles to paralyze the pain of the mouth and throat before having the meals.

My voice became increasingly hoarse from about the beginning of the third week of the first period of the radiation therapy.

After the second period of the radiation therapy started, it became very difficult to speak as my voice was fading away, and I was only able to tell my will by writing.

In the middle of November, the combination therapy of the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy ended. It was such a cruel treatment but doctor had told me that the cancers in my Oropharynx and Lymph node had both disappeared. The doctor had allowed me to discharge from the hospital.

The chief doctor even said

“Well done Mr.Tokura and congratulations! You were the second patients who ate on own and walked to the treatment room without using the wheelchair. There was only one patient before you and he was a previous SUMO WRESTLER.”

The combination therapy of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy was that much cruel.

But, I was more than happy to learn that the both cancer disappeared. I went out of the hospital with full of joy in the middle of November.


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