Italian lunch


A Web designer, Mr.Tsuyuzaki, who supported me when I was running my company has visited me.

He looks like a bear(^^) but unlike his appearance, he has very delicate and sophisticated sense in design.

He made a great contribution to the growth of the web division of the company.

He is also very much fond of eating. This part can be recognized from his outer appearance, right? (^^)

He had visited my home a few times to have the meals I cooked when I was living in Tokyo.

I had lost the taste completely for more than two and half years since I got the treatment of Oropharynx cancer.

Right after I got the treatment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, my tongue was only able to tell the taste of salt.

In the beginning, even when I had ice cream or pudding, my tongue felt the taste of salt that was contained in small quantity in the ice cream and pudding to bring out the sweet taste.

Until the beginning of this year, my tongue was only able to tell the difference between, salty taste, sweet taste, sour taste and bitter taste but was not able to feel the taste when they were mixed together.

So naturally, I lost my interest toward eating a good and tasty food.

It was one of my happiness to enjoy good food but eating itself became just for the purpose to take the necessary nutrition for living.

Of course, I didn’t have a slightest interest to cook on my own.

But the strange and interesting thing is that ever since I started to recover the taste, I started to enter the kitchen where I had never entered for nearly 3 years and started to cook various food.

I normally wake up around 4 AM and I am now baking the bread, cakes as well as cook various food that I want to eat.

It is a gorgeous time that I can concentrate in reading and doing cooking in a quiet atmosphere…smile.

Under such circumstances, Mr.Tsuyuzaki visited my house.

I have treated him with home made Italian lunch.

Incidentally, the menu of the day were as follows.

Homemade mozzarella and tomato,
Basil salad.

Main dishes:

Homemade spaghetti Bolognese.
Homemade Neapolitan pizza.

Homemade Panna cotta with berry source.

It is nice to recover and be back to the real life, hanging around with your old friends…smile.

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