The Battle Against Cancer-3(Decision of the treatment method)


Why me !? “

Over the weekend, I had searched very thoroughly on internet about the Oropharynx cancer and learned that there were only 4 levels.

I had clearly asked the doctor.

“Well doctor. Based on the information I got from the internet, there are only 4 levels to indicate the level of Oropharynx caner and if my level is 4, which is said to be the last level, does it mean that my life can not be survived?”
“You got to tell me honestly. I run a company and have many people relying on me for living. If I am not going to survive, I have to organize many things before I die.”

Doctor said

“It is hard to say. Metastasis has now stopped in the left neck lymph node. Metastasis to the lung has not been confirmed.

Whether to check the possibility of the further spread for the whole body, PET-CT examination has to be taken.
However, assuming that there is no further spread, there are two ways of treatment that I can recommend.

One is to remove the affected area by surgery. This is the most efficient way to remove the cancer. But as the area of surgery will be very extensive, you will lose at least 50% of your body function including your voice.”

“Another way is the combined treatment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is less reliable than surgery, but the combined treatment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in our hospital has a very good outcome. Even if the cancer will not disappear after the treatment, there will be a better possibility to do the surgery after the cancer gets smaller.”

I had no choice!

How could I dare take a surgery that would lose at least 50% of my body function including the voice?

I had immediately and clearly told the doctor that I would choose the combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

At this stage, my wife was the only one who knew about my illness.

My head was disoriented and I was thinking to tell my daughter and son about the fact clearly. The problem was how to tell the fact to the employees and the business partners.

There was only a week before I was going to be hospitalized and I had to manage to minimize the agitation of the people concerned within the remaining one week time.


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