The Battle Against Cancer-2 (Result of Detailed Examination)


As soon as I came back from the hospital, I started to search about oropharyngeal cancer immediately on the internet.

Then, numerous shocking information about the oropharyngeal cancer have revealed one after another. It was written

“Often found after it is spread out to the lymph nodes of the neck. It could further spread not only into the lungs but to the other organs too,”

I started to realize how serious the situation was.

More I searched more I understood that terrible thing was happening to my body. However, as I didn’t have any detailed knowledge on medical matters, I had to spend very depressed and sleepless weekend.

First thing in Monday morning, blood examination as well as echo examination around the neck, X-ray and CT scanner began and it took whole morning.

I knew that the result of the blood test was not given immediately, but I was not able to refrain myself from asking the respective doctors and engineers of the CT, X-Ray and echo examination about the result right after each examination was completed.

“What was the result?”

Each doctor and engineer simultaneously replied,

“Test results will be described all together from the doctor in charge.

I could have imagined that the hospital may have a rule that each doctor or engineer is not allowed to make comment, but the same question kept on coming out from my mouth after every examination.

I was feeling very impatient during the lunch break and went into the examination room first thing in the afternoon to hear the test results.

The doctor was looking at me with a frown face.

“How was it, doctor?”

I asked the doctor with the last hope.

The doctor quietly commented

“Unfortunately, the result of the series of checks was as expected. Namely, it is an advanced oropharyngeal cancer metastasized to the left neck lymph node and the level of cancer is 4.”

As soon as I heard his words, I was able to feel the all of the power of the body was starting to lose.

The biggest fear that I was feeling throughout the weekend, which I prayed to God that won’t happen, has become reality.


I recovered from a surgery of subarachnoid hemorrhage at the age of 34 although it was said that the probability of the successful surgery was very slim. In addition, the aftermath did not remain in spite of being told that with high probability that I would be paralysis and forced to be in the bed for the rest of my life.

Since I recovered, I have totally changed the lifestyle.

I woke up at 5:00 every morning and jogged 5 kilometers and did weight training before I went to the office. I continued this life style for 20 years until the cancer was found.

I also ate very healthy studying the technical books on nutrition. Stopped smoking and just drank socially.

I conducted it so thoroughly so that the employee of my company called me

“Health conscious freak.”

In addition, I took all the major physical checkups each year.

Thus, even when I was told by the doctor that the level 4 cancer was eroding my body, I was not able to accept that fact as reality.


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