The Battle Against Cancer-1 (Notice of cancer)


I moved to Yokohama from Tokyo in August 2008. It was the year of Beijin Olympics.

Right after we moved in, I was taking a rest on a massage chair watching the Olympics on TV. The luggages including the moving storage were still not unpacked.

The massage chair was also not placed correctly. It was facing the entrance of the room not facing the TV on the left hand side. So, I had to turn my head to the left towards TV to watch.

The roller of the massage chair was rolling my left side of the neck.

When the massage ended, I was able to feel a hard lump in the left side of the neck.

It did not hurt or anything. But I decided to go to a clinic just for the check.

Doctor said it was the bleeding in the muscle due to watching TV in the unreasonable posture while the roller of the massage chair had pressed the left side of the neck hard.

Antibiotics and paste were prescribed and I was told by the doctor to wait and see for a few days.

I went to visit the clinic again as the lump did not go away even after I took the designated medicine.

Doctor told me that this specific body part was originally ENT specialty. Thus, to visit the ENT department of Y hospital.

He wrote me a Letter of Introduction to the ENT department of Y hospital.

A few days later, I was waiting for my order to come at the waiting hall of the ETN department of Y hospital.

My name was called and I entered the examination room.

I explained the doctor what was diagnosed.

The doctor looked at me with a questioning look

“What? Bleeding in the muscle? Please open your mouth. “

He looked into the inside of my mouth and touched both sides of my neck with his hands and after about 15 seconds. He said

“This is not such as bleeding within the muscle. With very high probability, oropharyngeal cancer has been spread to the left neck lymph nodes “

I did not understand a single word except a word cancer.

“Doctor! Did you say something about cancer?”

I asked.

He explained me about the situation. I asked him

“Doctor. But such is only a possiblility, right?”

“Yes. But the probability is very high. “

I had lost the words and an awkward silence had governed the examination room for a while.

“Now is Friday afternoon so that we can only perform a detailed examination from first thing Monday morning. The detailed information will be given from the nurse.”

The doctor said breaking the silence.

Detailed explanation on the various examination that I was going to take on Monday was made by the nurse.

The examination included such as X-rays, CT scanner and echo test of the lung that seemed to be unrelated to the throat and neck.

However, after I made detailed research on the internet after I returned home throughut the weekend, I gradually came to know the seriousness of the situation.


One of the major reasons I started to write my blog “For The Good Time” was to tell about my experiences going through two severe illness.

By writing this blog, it would be more than happy if I could help the patients and their families who are also suffering from a severe illness and losing hope towards life.

Hereafter, I will basically write once a week about my Battle against Cancer in English.

The Japanese version is scheduled every Wednesday.

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