Nadeshiko Japan


Dianthus, called Nadeshiko in Japanese. A small but strong and beautiful flower.

Its appearance was exactly reflecting the appearance of Nadeshiko Japan, all Japan’s women soccer team.

Early in the morning, the whole nation was flooded with joy.

Nadeshiko Japan won against the US team in the final of the Women’s world cup.

Had anyone predicted this result?

The game was one sided game in the beginning. The overwhelming power of the United States had threatened the goal of Japan several times.

But the winner was not decided after 90 minutes, not even after extra 30 minutes.

The winner was decided after the Penalty Kick Match.

As the result, Nadeshiko Japan had achieved its historical triumph.

It was very impressive when the members of Nadeshiko Japan were interviewed before the match against the US.

Every member was saying that they wanted to enjoy the match against the America’s team.

In old days, most athelete replied differently when they were asked same question.

They were saying that they wanted to exert their best efforts for the nation or for the country.

As the result, they were putting the negative pressure on them.

I firmly believe that one would exert the most strength when one is enjoying and concentrating towards the objective.

When I was studying in American school in Germany in my childhood, a teacher used to say

“Enjoy whatever you are doing. Because that is the time when you can expect the maximum result.”

The words of my former teacher has revived in my mind when I watched Nadeshiko Japan on TV this morning.

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