Life goes on


On March 11,2011, the life of countless people had changed unexpectedly and tragically.

Four months ago, most people were living their ordinary life peacefully until the unprecedented record breaking earthquake struck Tohoku region, thenorthern area of Honshu island.

One’s fate may be forced to change by an unexpected power or might.

I suffered level 4 cancer in 2008. I went through the three major treatments of cancer, namely chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

However, as the stage of the cancer was very late, I had been told that with over 80% of the probability, the new cancer was going to be found within 2 years and it was very difficult for me to greet the third New Year.

The new cancer was not found in two years, which was the riskiest period and I was able to greet the third New Year in this January.

After going through various experiences, I truly feel that I am having my life today not base on my own will but by the guidance of a big unknown force.

From the ancient time, people must have tried to interpret the unknown force by looking through respective own windows.

Some people may have looked through the window named religion. Others may have looked through the windows called science, philosophy etc.

Some may have interpreted the unknown force as act of God. Whereas, the others may have interpreted as the power of universe, might of something great etc.

My life was quite cramped when I was trying to resolve everything by myself. But, it became very eased when I was able to feel this great force.

The old saying says

“Do the likeliest, and God will do the best”

When I was convinced to do my best and leave the rest to the fate, my life became rather relaxing and easy.

Life goes on and this old world will keep on turning.

都倉 亮 について

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