Change must come!


President Obama appealed for

the need of the change, in the presidential campaigns in 2008.

However, did the nation change?

I think the opinion is divided but we hear complaints that

“things haven’t changed”

on the streets around the country.

Strong leadership is indispensable for the change.

However, the change will not occur by itself.

I was brought up in Germany for 11 years until I was 14 and I went to American School in Germany.

I was fortunate that I was able to learn Japanese, English and Germany together.

But at the same time, I had a very difficult time when I came back to Japan and faced the closed nature of the Japanese society.

It took me three years in my high school time to learn what was in behind of the behaviour of the Japanese people.

There are many wonderful things in Japan and those should be proudly sent out to the world.

However, there are points that Japan must change in order to become as a true member of the international society.

One of the biggest problems is the closed nature of the Japanese society.

Japanese society has a tendency to respect the profit of its own group rather than the profit of the whole.

This tendency exists in all levels of the Japanese society. It exists in Children’s world as well as in students and adults world.

This tendency is one of the major causes of the current sense of the stagnation of the society.

We have to be more open towards outside world, domestically and internationally. We also must make more efforts to accept the different way of thinking and hear the different opinions instead of just gathering and communicating among the same kind .

The country has to change and the change must come soon.

However, we cannot rely on to the politician for the change.

We must stand up, to make the change.

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