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I have started to write Blog from June 30.

I will write Blog in Japanese basically every day about Life, Culture, Health, International issues, Education the subject.

I will from time to time write my blog in English for the subjects I wish to share with the people who do not undersand Japanese.

I have suffered level 4 cancer in 2008.

I went through three major treatments of the canncer, namely, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

However, as the stage of cancer was very late, I was told that the new cancer was going to be found in over 80% of the probability within two years and it was very difficult for me to greet the third New Year.

The new cancer was not found in the riskiest period of two years and I was able to greet the third New Year in January this year.

I am today here merely based on the will of God.

While I was recovering, I truly thought that God has given me the new life for me to tell about my experiences.

Thus, I have materialized about my past life and a few publishers are showing interest to publish as a book.

It will most probably be released within this year.

I will also try to introduce subjects related to my book in the blog to share view with you.

It will be highly appreciated if you can give me comments so that we can exchange opinions.

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